Melissia Offline Poker Club gets raided

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Απορώ πως δεν έχει συζητηθεί ακόμα. Η παρακάτω είδηση είναι χειρότερη και απο τις συλλήψεις της Neteller.

Police make arrests in gambling raid of Melissia Offline Poker Club

A gambling raid by the Melissia Police Vice Division on Tuesday resulted in the arrest of two men accused of running an illegal poker game and the citations of nine more, including active members of Pokerland Forum, for their involvement in the game.

The police department is going to continue to crack down on illegal gambling," Investigator Mpekas said.

Authorities executed a search warrant at about 6:10 p.m. at Melissia Offline Poker Club, where they recovered playing cards, poker chips, more than $40,000 and various hand guns, according to the police incident report.

A "concerned citizen" known by the nickname Poliscas tipped off officer Mpekas to the poker games, which occurred about three times a week.

When the search warrant was executed, 23 people were at the club, including Phil Hellmuth, who is known to visit the club and beg for money from the regulars when he is broke.

Could this be the end of the famous (or infamous according to many) Melissia Offline Poker Club? One can not tell with certainty. First the Neteller arrests, and now this.

As the saying goes “se ti kosmo tha feroume ta paidia mas Niko Evagellato?”

P.S.1 Players who have completed their 25 hour physical presence at the club and have applied for their chipset are advised to buy one from Alexis, as the chipsets were confiscated. Unreliable sources have also indicated that the Melissia Police Vice Division is Alexis’s main supplier of poker chips.

P.S. 2 Phil Hellmuth has denied his involvement in the scandal and claims that he only visited the establishment to bitch about a bad beat from Daniel Negreanu. After all he was broke.

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