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καταρχας να ενημωρωσω οτι παρακατω αρθρο το αντεγραψα απο το 2+2 και ανηκει στον wrschultz...αν και γραφτηκε το 2008 πιστευω αξιζει να το διαβασετε...

Let's face it, online poker is getting more difficult. Players are not making the massive mistakes they used to and winrates have been shrinking across the board. The players who make the most money are those that successfully analyze minute details that their opponents do not.

Let me speak to the TAGfish inside every one of you. Your inner TAGfish is completely oblivious to minute details. It is ALWAYS clawing and scratching; begging to influence your decisions no matter who you are. The best poker player in the world has an inner TAGfish, but he has learned to listen to it less often than the rest of us.

Hey TAGfish,

You group together starting hands that look somewhat similarly and analyze them as if they were identical when they are somewhat different. You believe J9s is identical to J8s. You believe 98s is identical to 76s.

Hey TAGfish,

You don't understand what a hand range is. You pretend you do, but you don't. If you actually understand what a hand range is, you have no idea how to determine another player's hand range in any given situation. If you understand how to determine their range, you don't know what to do with it, and only know how to exploit the MOST skewed ranges.

Hey TAGfish,

You don't bet with the 40% of your hand range that has the most equity in a situation where you bet 40% of the time. You probably attempt to "balance your range" in spots that SHOULD NOT BE BALANCED.

Hey TAGfish,

You see players make a particular play at some point and try it later, misapplying it to a completely different situation. You often have no clue what to do once you're forced to make another decision, and go bonkers. You have no overall gameplan, and you make every decision in real time without thinking about the implications that decision will have throughout the hand.

Hey TAGfish,

You don't realize that getting a stack in with AK on a 567 flop has MUCH less equity than gettting a stack in on a 234 flop against all but the strangest hand ranges.

Hey TAGfish,

You don't understand why particular bet sizes are the most profitable in particular situations, and you certainly don't understand the implications of various bet sizes and the adjustments you need to make in the hand.

Hey TAGfish,

You assume that every other player is controlled by their inner TAGfish too.

Hey TAGfish,

You are very good at playing the top and bottom of your hand range, but very bad at playing the middle.

Hey TAGfish,

You make progressively more mistakes the deeper you get into a hand. Your preflop play is generally not mistake ridden. You might not do anything that is extremely exploitable, and you might play tight or loose. Your flop play is marginally worse but still reasonably competent. As you get to the turn and river and the decisions become more difficult and involve more money, you make more costly mistakes.

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